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Company News

1. In May 2009, our company joined China 12th International Forum on Innovation and Development of High-Tech Enterprises, Gyroscopic Rotary Engine, Eccentric Gearing type Clutch and Continuously Variable Transmission gained much credits.

2. We are a 2009 awardee of China "Independent Technological Innovation Enterprise Award", [Links to the related news & photo]

3. We are a 2012 awardee of  "3rd Advanced Energy Conservation Unit, China" in China Energy Strategy Summit (CESS)of 15th CHITEC, 2012.[Links to the related news & photo]

4. Awardee of “3rd International Carbon-Value-China Green Benefit Enterprise-Growth Potential Award” in 6th WEC, 2013 by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) & IEEPA (International Energy Conservation Environmental Protection Association)[Links to the related news & photo]










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