Bicycle Driven by Hands

Chinese patent no. (201110232753.1)
Taiwanese patent no. (I454403)
US patent application no. (US 9102380 B2)


Kwok Yau Cheung, Li Lai Yin Johnson (Hong Kong)



The bicycle of the invention has the advantages as follows:

1. the rider of the bicycle can perform workout on both upper and lower limbs concurrently;
2. the front wheel can be driven forward by the hands to increase the speed of the bicycle;
3. the workout effectiveness of the bicycle can be enhanced;
4. the rider of the bicycle can choose whether to cause the front wheel to move forward or not, or can drive the bicycle to move forward only by the front wheel using the handlebar assembly on even road, which provides the rider with the flexibility of using the front wheel or the rear wheel or using both to drive the bicycle to move forward;
5. the invention requires low costs and simple technologies; and
6. the continuous reciprocating movement of the handlebar assembly and/or the rocker arm of the bicycle of the invention can recharge effectively the batteries.








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