Gyroscopic Rotary Engine

(People’s Republic of China Patent No. ZL 2006 10172833.1)
U.S. Patent no. 8,297,239

Inventor(s) :
Kwok, Yau Cheung (Hong Kong)


The gyroscopic rotary engine of the invention has overcome the drawback of frequent change of directions in term of structure in the operating process of the conventional reciprocating engine, and has greatly reduced kinetic energy loss of the engine and increased the speed and efficiency of the engine, because a gyroscopic unit is obliquely disposed on the rotary disc to form an engine which a useful volume of the cylinder is in a cyclic change, and to have the cylinders having changeable useful volume and the rotary disc rotated about the axis of the rotation shaft. Because the pistons and the cylinders of the gyroscopic rotary engine of the invention are rotated about the axis, no lateral pressure applies on the walls of the cylinders and no wear exits between the pistons and walls of the cylinders in operation. Therefore, the metal materials used for the pistons and cylinders can be widely selected, so as to reduce the cost of production and decrease the failure rate of the engine.









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