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About Grace Scientific R & D and Consultant Co.

1. Who are we?
  We are a team of inventors and consultants of technological innovation, believes in an open-minded, non-either/or, approach to R&D. Our philosophy of science resembles a trinity ontology (three-in-one basis) of discovery and application.

2. What have we got?

We are an Awardees of China's "3rd Independent Technological Innovation Enterprises" in the 12th CHITEC, International Forum on Innovation and Development of High-tech Enterprises, China, 2009 as well as "3rd Advanced Energy Conservation Unit, China" in China Energy Strategy Summit (CESS)of 15th CHITEC,2012; Awardee of "3rd International Carbon-Value-China Green Benefit Enterprise-Growth Potential Award China" in 6th WEC, 2013 by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) & IEEPA (International Energy Conservation Environmental Protection Association)

Gyroscopic Rotary Engine Beyond conventional pistons which move linearly, this three-dimensional engine moves like a gyroscope cased in a rotary Frame.


Continuously Variable Transmission Instead of shifting gears as in a variable speed bicycle, all the gears are housed inside a flat box.


Eccentric Grearing Type Clutch  Finely-modulated, heavy-duty braking system utilizing fluidics.

Bicycle Driven by Hands  Unlike the conventional bicycles which are driven to move forward by the rear wheel using pedals only, the present invention makes a breakthrough in increased speed of the bicycle and allows for a whole-body-exercise of the rider.


What Fund  we will get?

The above four automotive technologies are being invited for listing in "5th Directory of National focus on energy-saving technologies to promote" by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), China.

 The technology in such directory can be granted the developed or manufacturing fund from China Government.

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