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Eccentric Gearing type Clutch

Patent Application No.
(People¡¦s Republic of China Patent No: 200810084693.1)
(US Patent no. US 8,505,703 B2)

Kwok, Yau Cheung; Li, Lai Yin Johnson(Hong Kong)


The present invention discloses an eccentric gearing type clutch, which comprises a housing in a rotatable connection with a drive shaft; at least one set of rotors, each of which having two parallelly arranged rotors concentric with the housing, the rotors being in rotatable connection with a driven shaft; at least one set of cylinder rings matchable with the rotors, each of which having two parallelly arranged cylinder rings located between the housing and the rotors and capable of upward and downward displacement inside the housing, the two cylinder rings being separated by a separator plate; a vane movably arranged in a slot in the rotor; and a joint control mechanism for controlling the upward and downward displacement of the two cylinder rings; wherein space inside the housing is filled with an operation oil and sealed. The present invention utilizes a fully sealed operation oil and transmits power via hydraulic pressure without causing any friction wear among the assemblies thereof, such that it could improve substantially the performance of the existing clutches and enhance the lifespan and braking accuracy thereof.









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