Continuously Variable Transmission

Patent No:
(Peoples Republic of China Patent No. 200710152960.X)
US Patent no. (8387475 B2)

Kwok, Yau Cheung; Mak, Miu Ling (Hong Kong)


Continuously variable transmission has its operation completely different from the conventional transmissions which transmit power through friction. The transmission of the invention allows to minimize the friction during the transmission of the power of its drive wheel. It is preferably adapted for use in a bicycle, wherein the spread of axles between the ring wheel and the drive wheel can be adjusted by regulating a wire, and the magnitude of speed variation is not restricted, the variation range is large, and the power could be synchronously input during the speed variation; and the device has the advantages of being simple in structure, easy in operation, low in noise and abrasion, smooth in driving, much better in fuel reduction, and great in variation effect.









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